vegan megan (anticheeze) wrote in mcgc,
vegan megan

Flags for sale!!!!!!!

Couldn't get the best pictures since it's raining out, but I'll post more flags and pictures soon.

If you could use any of these , just let me know and I'll give you any additional info, measurements, etc.

set #1
Black Mesh with pink lame teardrop. excellent condition, lightweight. qty 18
Image hosted by

set #2
Black Mesh with blue lame teardrop. lightweight. good condition, a few have very small holes are barely visible. qty 13
Image hosted by

set #3
teal nylon and gold lame. excellent condition, like new! these look great when in a show. qty 18
Image hosted by

set #4
Fire flags!!! Neon orange, red, purple and yellow, flame shaped flags. nice and lightweight. some have minor tears, but nothing that would be visible from the field. VERY bright. qty 18
Image hosted by

that's it for now...let me know if any of these could be of use to your guard!!!
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