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Last Sunday's Coach's Meeting

I have to say, that meeting was a BIG help.  It reinforced a lot of things I had learned through experience last season and reminded me of things that I'd forgotten and told me things I didn't know.

A big thank-you to everyone who did this.

Michelle Hart,
Impact and Impulse Coach.
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St. Clair Independent
Independent A
St. Clair Shores


When? August 5th, 10 am - 4 pm

Where? Exact location will be determined very shortly. Most likely in the St. Clair Shores, Michigan area. The precise location will be posted once it is certain. If you message me expressing interest I will make sure to clue you in as soon as I get the word!

The cost for the entire day's worth of activities is only $10!!

The staff advises you bring (and I quote): A positive attitude, bag lunch, Sabre, Rifle, Flag if you have them. If not, there are PLENTY to go around, and gloves if you need them.

This clinic is not specificly oriented towards people trying out. If you want a good day of spinning it should be a blast! It isn't geared only towards people that are super amazing either so don't be afraid if you don't think your "that good". Thats what Camps are for!!

Also, it will be much cooler by the end of the week ::whew:: no 100+ degree days LOL It would be good to spin with some of you since we do talk about guard but have never spun together.


P.S. No you arn't just seeing double (or more) this HAS been XPosted like crazy ;-)

State Finals!

Hey Guys My Name's Erica I'm a 10th Grader from ARIA (St. Clair Shores) We Finished Our Season with a 87.7 and Recived the Gold Medal In Michigan A. Things are only Gonna get Harder from here. We were bumped up to Michigan AA, So how did everyone Else do at State Finals this Weekend?
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Hey everyone.. This is Amanda updating for Lamphere Mystique.

This year is kinda off to a rough start. Right now we only have one practice a week from 3:30 to 7:30. We have a whole lot of new girls, and girls who only have one season behind them. We have yet to learn any of the show yet. but.. we are doing.. Duran Duran - Hungry Like A Wolf. It should be pretty good if we can get these girls to really get into it this year. Last year that was our main problem. No one took anything seriously.

Anyways. We have a girl from eXstatica, Monica, coming to write rifle work and what not. Im so excited about this because I have literally not learned any NEW rifle stuff since my freshmen year because we just kept re-writing the same stuff over and over again pretty much. She came in and taught us some new tosses and stuff and im just pumped about it. I take our rifle line very seriously for a few reasons. I figure if you cant get the whole guard to care, then you can at least have a rifle line who cares because you really have to earn rifle. We have a pretty small rifle line this year which I think is best. We only have 4 people on it. We will kick ass. :-D

Anyways. I really hope everyone is doing good and is as excited as I am for compititions to start up.

PS: I guess my guard is going to some guard night at I think John Glenn this year? lol. I have NO idea what this is really, my guard instructor just mentioned it to me about a week ago. Anyways. Let me know if your going to this.. and what the heck it is. haha. BYEE


this is eric, i'm part of fusion(fraser) winterguard. i was a part of this community before under the name swimmerdude8907 but i got a new screenname:) for those of you who went to dakota for individuals last year, i did a rifle solo. juts wanted to say hi again and that i'm totally psyched for the competitions to start!!
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wow long time no postey. Heh.

So what is everyone's guard show this year? How is everyone's guard season going?? And finally what have y'all been up to?? I'm starting to miss seeing posts in this community lol.
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