Tree Barc (spin_your_elite) wrote in mcgc,
Tree Barc



... it smells like 4 brand new 36' Elite rifles complete with leather strap, and 1 36' Spinz rifle with leather strap on the way!

*creams jeans*

haha... i just though i would share with you all that i ordered some rifles for the girls on my guard who gave me money... and... the 4 elites came but i gotta wait another day for the spinz because it was shipped from a different warehouse..

anyways.. if you wondering why i ordered one spinz... well.. i gave them a choice between eliote and spinz because there the same price and they look and sound like pretty much the same thing.. and i wanted at least one person to get a spinz so we could see if there was any difference... anyways..

any suggestions on what to name the new member of my family? my first baby's name is Dimples. :-D

oh yea... everyone watch ESPN 2 tonight in a half hour at 10... the DCI finals are on :-D

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