... it smells like 4 brand new 36' Elite rifles complete with leather strap, and 1 36' Spinz rifle with leather strap on the way!

*creams jeans*

haha... i just though i would share with you all that i ordered some rifles for the girls on my guard who gave me money... and... the 4 elites came but i gotta wait another day for the spinz because it was shipped from a different warehouse..

anyways.. if you wondering why i ordered one spinz... well.. i gave them a choice between eliote and spinz because there the same price and they look and sound like pretty much the same thing.. and i wanted at least one person to get a spinz so we could see if there was any difference... anyways..

any suggestions on what to name the new member of my family? my first baby's name is Dimples. :-D

oh yea... everyone watch ESPN 2 tonight in a half hour at 10... the DCI finals are on :-D

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So everyone.... I am marching Colorguard for Lamphere Marching Band right now... were in flight 3.. well.. let me tell you my story.... i feel like i am getting worst and worst everyday.. like im not getting challenged.. or pushed to do better... and as much as i try to push myself.. it just is like... i dunno.. but... anybody know any guard camps or tryouts or something that i might be able to participate in that might help me out? i love guard with all my heart but it seems like something is driving me further and further away from it.. i dont want that i happen.. i want to get better not worst.

anyways... anyone going to the Lamphere Invitational on october 1st?

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I just joined this commmunity.

I am on Roseville's Gaurd.
&& We are doing The Best Of Ray Charles.

I am really proud of the girls this year (im captain)
Its just so unbelievable cause of the last few years
we have only had like 7 girls on gaurd & this year
we have 13 but I think we are losing two of them cause
they are not commmited enough.

Sept 16 - football game
Sept 18 - Harper Woods Band-O-Rama.

-- Stephanie

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hey everyone,

i miss winterguard! colorguard is doing kinda okay.. were really bad :-/ but.. anyways...

i suck so bad at like.. "character building" i guess thats what you could call it.. like... when i perform.. more then likely i end up looking like a deer in headlights... and i was wondering if you all have any advice for stuff like that.. and things to work on facial expression with.. because when i try.. and i think im doing what im supposed to... it doesnt end up looking any different then it did to begin with..

anyways.. i hope everyones still practicing and whatnot.. HOLLER BACK YO. hah
no air

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I'm knew the community! I was on Friction and Fusion and I won first place at individuals for flag this year. I was wondering, does anyone know when Evolution and Renaissance have their try-outs?

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Hey all!!

Marching season is about to start.... Harper Woods colorguard practices start this wednesday. Our show is jazz/latin-ish i forgot the name but anyone else know what their shows are yet??

I miss winterguard season but its quiet in here so hows everyones summer?!

Annnnd does anyone in here go to Harper Woods' "Band O Rama"

just curious

take care everyone

-kimmy, Harper Woods Impulse
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Interplay audition camp

Anyone else going to the interplay audition camp this weekend? My coach invited me and the other captain to go with her, just for the experience of it. Just curious if any of you were going, or have went before.

(I think someone had a post about this before, but I coudn't find it. so, I started a new one)

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