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This is going to sound dumb to some of ya'll that are on higher up guards but... i got onto a colorguard that uses 6ft weighted poles, and  i have a 6ft one... but i dont know what to weight it with.... if anyone knows what to use i will apreciate it greatly


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its been forever all you renaissance people.. when do practices start up, unless youve all known and im in the dirt.. gee that would be sad... anywho, i went to prom this weekend, and i miss you all... we need to hang out guys!! love you!!!
~Honker... hehehe!
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hahaha... im going through some hard times right now... not having any guard stuff and all. but colorguard practices should be starting next week! holla. woot.
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no way...some truck just pulled up at the house behind mine and they were playing that one song from that one flagline..with the cowboy hats..lol that was a cute (easy-peasy) show


Anyone interested in coming to a guard clinic?? It is at Thurston high school, In redford. If you are interested I can give you the address or directions. It is 12 dollars per person. Also, it is THIS saturday (may 7) from 9am to 3 pm. Please come and Bring as many people as you can. ANyone is welcome. If you need more info, post a comment or email me at :


Thanks...Hope to see you there!!!
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